Release Update – January 2023 – Part 1

In part 1 of our January release update, we have released a number of new settings. These are all based on popular requests from the MSPMagic community.

New Settings*:

  • Block inactive user accounts
  • Toggle external storage providers in OWA
  • Configure Default Timezone for New SharePoint Sites
  • Configure Site Creation Settings
  • Toggle Concealed Usernames in Microsoft 365 Reports
  • Configure marketing and technical contact emails

*Please note that the use of these new settings will require a re-consent of the relevant tenants. Knowledge base here: https://mspmagic.com/?p=9073

Based on the current requests, we are already working on the next batch of settings, which will be released soon.

New Settings

Block inactive user accounts

This setting allows you to automatically block sign in to Azure AD accounts which have been inactive for a nominated period of time (eg 30 days).

Several security frameworks recommend blocking or disabling accounts that have been inactive for a certain period of time as a security measure.

Block inactive user accounts – MSPMagic

Toggle external storage providers in OWA

Blocking additional storage providers in Outlook Web App is important because it can help prevent users from using non-approved cloud storage services to store email attachments. This can help ensure that all email attachments are stored in a secure, centrally-managed location, and that they are properly backed up and protected from data loss.

Toggle additional storage providers in OWA – MSPMagic

Configure Default Timezone for New SharePoint Sites

The SharePoint admin centre enables administrators to customize the default timezone for all new SharePoint sites. By default, new sites are assigned the Pacific Time (UTC-8) timezone, but this may not be relevant for all tenants. It is recommended the default timezone be adjusted to match the customer’s timezone, which ensures newly created sites inherit the correct timezone and do not need to be manually updated.

Configure default timezone for new SharePoint sites – MSPMagic

Configure Site Creation Settings

You can use this setting to control whether standard users in Microsoft 365 are able to create new communication sites and Microsoft 365 group-connected team sites. This can be useful for organizations that need to align their SharePoint site creation with their governance requirements. By default, standard users are allowed to create these types of SharePoint sites, but this setting allows you to change that behaviour.

Configure site creation settings – MSPMagic

Toggle Concealed Usernames in Microsoft 365 Reports

This setting applies to Microsoft 365 usage reports in the Microsoft 365 admin center, Microsoft Graph, Power BI, and the Microsoft Teams admin center. By default, reports conceal user information such as usernames, groups, and sites, but you can choose to display this information if necessary or required by your organization’s policies.

Toggle concealed usernames in Microsoft 365 reports – MSPMagic

Configure marketing and technical contact emails

Managing a tenant on behalf of a customer, it is essential to ensure that all Microsoft 365 technical and marketing notifications are delivered to appropriate email addresses. This setting allows you to specify a dedicated email address for these notifications.

Configure technical and marketing contact emails – MSPMagic

Policy Management Workshop

We continue to offer a series of complimentary workshops aimed at creating and deploying policies efficiently and effectively.

If you have a number of clients with Business Premium (or higher) already using Endpoint Manager or Conditional Access, or you’re in the process of deploying either, let us show you how MSPMagic’s new features can assist your business.

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