Release Update – February 2023

This month we have a big addition to MSPMagic’s capabilities. We now support tenants that have been added to Microsoft Partner Centres using Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP).

Microsoft has deprecated the Disable Basic Authentication for Exchange so it has now been retired from MSPMagic.

New Features

Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP)

We have included support for tenants that have been added to your Microsoft Partner Centre using Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP), as well as maintaining support for tenants added using the legacy Delegated Admin Privileges (DAP).

As you migrate customers within your Partner Center from DAP to GDAP the process in MSPMagic will be seamless.

Please ensure all your tenants have had their recent permissions consented to within MSPMagic. See support article: https://mspmagic.com/documentation/how-to-see-all-tenants-with-missing-permissions/

Deprecation of Disable Basic Authentication for Exchange

Microsoft has deprecated Disable Basic Authentication for Exchange Online Protocols – Default Tenant Policy.  We have retired the setting from MSPMagic to reflect this change.

It is no longer available to be added to tenants or templates.

For those tenants with it already in place, it will now show as retired.  The setting’s compliance will be listed as “not run” and will not impact the tenant’s overall compliance.

The setting will be removed completely next week.

Policy Management Workshops

We continue to offer a series of complimentary workshops aimed at creating and deploying policies efficiently and effectively.

If you have a number of clients with Business Premium (or higher) already using Endpoint Manager or Conditional Access, or you’re in the process of deploying either, let us show you how MSPMagic’s new features can assist your business.

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