MSPMagic’s Templates for Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) Policies and Best Practice Settings

MSPs who have worked with Endpoint Manager for some time, typically have 20 to 30 standard baseline profiles and policies that they reuse for all their customers.  Some even have multiple sets of these baselines to line up with their various customer offerings (basic SKU, standard security SKU, top security SKU).

Using these standard baselines allows MSPs to maintain a level of consistency across their different customers’ tenants.  This should minimise the workload on technical staff, increasing efficiency and reducing overall support costs; however, there’s no easy way for an MSP to quickly deploy and update the policy baselines across all their customers.  Microsoft has tried to help with “policy sets” however it’s a per-tenant feature only, meaning it’s still time-consuming to deploy across multiple tenants.  It’s also extremely difficult to make wholesale changes to multiple baseline profiles and policies.

Trying to maintain these baselines across multiple tenants requires consumes a lot of resources, and typically highly skilled resources.  Given the task is very repetitive, it can be error-prone and potentially result in huge consequences.  A simple error in a conditional access policy, for example, could be all that’s needed for a client to be completely compromised.

MSPMagic is designed to solve these problems.

MSPMagic allows an MSP to create templates with baseline profiles and policies, which can then be quickly and easily applied to multiple customers’ tenants.  Different templates can be created to line up with different commercial offerings/packages provided.  MSPs can also add and modify policies in templates, with MSPMagic automatically rolling out the changes to all customers that have the template applied.

Policy templates aligned with an MSP’s commercial offerings

In addition, MSPMagic stops configuration drift by running compliance checks, ensuring all templated policies are still in place and remediating any changes made by third parties.

The result is that MSPMagic enables an MSP to achieve the desired consistency across all customers while using minimal resources and eliminating human error.

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