Do you find it difficult to consistently manage Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) policies across multiple tenants?

To manage Microsoft 365 tenants is very time and resource intensive. It doesn’t scale well and it is error-prone.

Adequate tenant management requires senior technical skills in PowerShell and Graph API, which many technicians don’t have.

Conditional access policies not properly deployed or incorrectly configured effectively provide no protection.

Consistent Deployment

Consistently deploying standard policies to multiple tenants is difficult and time-consuming.

Adding customer-specific data to those policies at the same time means each one has to be configured manually.

Policy Template Libraries

Having a library of quality policy templates can make an MSP more efficient.

If an MSP lacks the time or internal resources to create these libraries, pre-made policies can help, but deployment is still difficult.

Monitoring and Remediation

How can MSPs monitor policies across all tenants and all users to ensure they are still in place and haven’t been changed since deployment?

Even with a third-party monitoring tool to identify changes, remediation is resource-intensive.

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