Release Update – January 2023 – Part 2

In part 2 of our January release update, we have two new features. Just like the new settings in part 1 of the January update, these new features are based on popular requests from the MSPMagic community.

New Features:

  • Reporting – exportable report of tenant compliance, so you can easily generate a brandable report for end customers.
  • Microsoft Secure Score – allows you to see a tenant’s Secure Score along with Microsoft’s recommendations on how to improve the score.

New Settings


A heavily requested feature has been compliance reporting. MPSs often provide monthly reports on the various services they supply to their clients. MSPMagic now has exportable reports that can be utilised for this purpose.

  • Different report types:
    • Pre-formatted Word document ready for MSP branding.
    • Excel file for import into MSP’s preferred reporting tool.
  • Reports for an individual or all tenants.
  • Customisable date range.
  • Compliance status for every automation run during the reporting period.
  • List of settings and policies implemented.

Secure Score

Each tenant in MSPMagic now has a Secure Score tab. It includes the Microsoft Secure Score information directly from the customer tenant.

There is an overview of the Secure Score status

Secure Score Overview

The tab also includes Microsoft’s recommended actions to improve the score specifically for that tenant.

Secure Score Actions

Policy Management Workshop

We continue to offer a series of complimentary workshops aimed at creating and deploying policies efficiently and effectively.

If you have a number of clients with Business Premium (or higher) already using Endpoint Manager or Conditional Access, or you’re in the process of deploying either, let us show you how MSPMagic’s new features can assist your business.

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