Release Update – March 2023

This month we have released a much-requested feature, added two new settings and updated an existing one.

A feature that many of our partners have requested is the ability to add tenants that are not listed in their Partner Centre. We have now added this, allowing the management of any tenant.

We have released two new settings:

  • Exchange – Toggle mailbox auditing on by default
  • Turn Microsoft Bookings on or off

The existing setting for Azure AD – Block inactive user accounts has been updated to allow for different licensing.

New Features

Add tenants without DAP/GDAP

MSPMagic automatically lists all tenants in your Partner Center, whether they were initially added via DAP or GDAP. In addition, we have now added the ability to add tenants that aren’t in your Partner Center. This allows you to manage any Office 365 tenant even if you’re not listed as a partner in their tenancy.

New Settings

  • Exchange – Toggle mailbox auditing on by default
    • Toggle mailbox auditing on by default feature in Exchange Online. When enabled, mailbox auditing configuration is automatically managed by Microsoft and is the recommended configuration unless you have custom auditing requirements.
  • Turn Microsoft Bookings on or off
    • Microsoft Bookings is an online scheduling and appointment booking application that allows businesses and organizations to manage and streamline their scheduling processes. It is a part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications and is designed to help small businesses, such as hair salons, spas, or dental offices, manage appointments with customers or clients. This setting allows you to turn the Microsoft Bookings application on or off to suit your requirements.

Azure AD – block Inactive User Accounts – Updated

By default, tenants which are not licensed for Azure Active Directory P1 or P2 will be marked as non-compliant. This is because MSPMagic cannot retrieve sign-in logs and therefore cannot determine when the last sign-in occurred. To override the behaviour of unlicensed tenants, set this parameter to true, which will mark the setting as compliant. Note that this will not affect the behaviour of tenants licensed with Azure Active Directory P1 or P2.

Policy Management Workshops

We continue to offer a series of complimentary workshops aimed at creating and deploying policies efficiently and effectively.

If you have several clients with Business Premium (or higher) already using Endpoint Manager or Conditional Access, or you’re in the process of deploying either, let us show you how MSPMagic’s new features can assist your business.

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