What is MSPMagic’s Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Any Managed Service Provider who has used Microsoft Endpoint Manager (including Intune) understands that it can help secure, deploy and maintain customers’ environments.  However, any provider using Endpoint Manager also understands the challenges in using it to deploy and maintain policies across multiple tenants.

To get the most out of the investment into Endpoint Manager, providers need to be able to quickly and easily Conditional Access, Compliance and Configuration policies in a consistent and repeatable manner.

Providers often struggle to scale their Microsoft Endpoint Manager deployments.  Maintaining consistency and accuracy across multiple tenants in a commercially efficient manner is challenging, as the processes are manual, error-prone, and time-consuming.

How can MSPs scale efficiently while ensuring security policies remain in place?

Policies may change over time.  Many policies also require customisation, making it hard to know if changes are legitimate.

Microsoft regularly adds new features.  Providers will configure these with new tenants but struggle to consistently update them retrospectively with existing tenants.  Add to that the inadvertent changes made by admins, and the consistency a provider has worked so hard to achieve will slowly disappear.

These inconsistent customer configurations and policy drift can result in:

  • Higher support costs
  • Increased security risks
  • Lost productivity
  • Reduced profitability

A single pane of glass to consistently deploy, configure and maintain Microsoft Endpoint Manager policies and profiles across all your tenants.

With MSPMagic’s Microsoft Endpoint Manager Policy Manager, Managed Service Providers can deliver consistent, repeatable services using robust tooling built on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

MSPMagic’s Microsoft Endpoint Manager Policy Manager is a dashboard of all your tenants, policies and profiles in one place.  A single pane of glass that lets you easily work with Microsoft Endpoint Manager across multiple tenants.

It allows you to import and deploy your standard set of policies and profiles to any tenant with a few simple clicks.  Not only that, it lets you update all the policies and profiles easily in a few minutes, rather than the hours or days it takes working in Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

MSPMagic’s Microsoft Endpoint Manager Policy Manager also routinely checks tenants for any unapproved modifications to the policies and profiles and can be set to either alert you to what changes have been made or remediate the changes automatically.

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  • Premade best practice policies and profiles that you can implement today.
  • Creating templates for sets of policies to deploy and monitor with a single click.
  • Using MSPMagic’s Variable Manager to substitute Tenant specific data to ensure the correct information is in each policy and profile.

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