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The MSPMagic team invites you to attend our live webinar on the 2nd of December, 2021. Hear from industry experts with over 35 years of professional IT experience as we discuss how MSPs can increase profitability through simplicity (using real world case studies). We'll demonstrate how managing your tenants with MSPMagic makes it easier than it's ever been to simplify your scalable service offering, manage your tenants and maximize profitability.

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Webinar Agenda

Guest Speakers

Hear from Shane Branagan, CEO of eXpd8 Group on how they have evolved their practice to overcome modern obstacles with cloud focused MSPs. They now offer more to their tenants while making it easier on themselves.
Shane will discuss how they...

Transformed Their Businesses

Shane transformed his business eXpd8 by moving to a cloud only model and utilizing the entire Microsoft 365 stack. He is a firm believer in using technology to make life easier for its users and is adamant that technology is best when it increases efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Capture Additional Revenue Opportunities

Staying compliant over time is one of the biggest challenges facing MSPs today. Tas Gray will discuss how you can develop a per project or monthly fee service offering for new and current tenants that guarantees they stay compliant and minimise the risk of being compromised.

Overcoming Service Delivery Challenges

Managing multiple Microsoft Cloud tenants requires a great amount of manual effort. It's also error prone, doesn't scale well, and requires technical knowledge that is beyond most IT professionals.
Tas Gray explains how with MSPMagic you can simplify these tasks, so much so that it's manageable for inexperienced technicians.

Are Your Tenants Really Secure?

We'll show you how easy it can be to bypass common security measures such as Password Managers, Multi Factor Authentication and Conditional Access

If you don't stay up to date with modern best practices your tenants will be vulnerable to malicious security threats.

Using native multi-tenant Azure AD Applications to gain access to users mailboxes, and calendars exploiting the default out-of-the-box configuration of Azure AD which is often overlooked.

MSPMagic Demonstration

We'll demonstrate capabilities of MSPMagic as a simple and effective management solution for the time consuming and complicated obstacles MSPs currently face

Multi-Tenant Configuration

Deploy custom or uniform settings and policies across as many tenants as you like, and do it at the same time.

Compliance Dashboard

The Compliance Dashboard is an intuitive to use solution that keeps all of your tenant's compliance status' in one place, making them incredibly easy to manage

Increased Security

Your tenants are safer when its this easy to keep them up-to-date with best practices

About Our Speakers

Tas Gray

MSPMagic Co-Founder
An expert in Microsoft technologies with over 10 years of experience in
the IT industry. Tas is currently the Managing Director at Axiom IT, a cloud
based MSP that faces the same challenges that you do when it comes to
managing multiple tenants and scaling your business.

Out of a desire to find a solution that simplifies the entire tenant
management process Tas, alongside other talented software developers,
have created MSPMagic.

His familiarity with the troubles of managing multiple Microsoft Cloud
tenants, as well as his ability to help create the solution to the problems
he was facing , makes him a unique voice within the space.

He helped create MSPMagic with an emphasis on simplicity. Through that
simplicity MSPMagic users are the beneficiaries of abundant savings in
time and resources while increasing their availability and the overall
profitability of the MSP.

Shane Branagan

Cloud Focused MSP in Ireland
eXpd8 Group
A leading provider of managed IT services (expd8IT.com) and legal case management (Threadlegal.com) for small to medium-sized enterprise firms (SMEs) throughout Ireland and the UK. Shane has 14 years of experience working in an MSP environment and a vast amount of experience in the SME space.

He is focused on providing zero trust technology to SMEs to protect organizations against unknown threats.

With a large collection of legal firms under eXpd8's management, it has become a key focus in securing them from attacks as they are transacting with large sums of money with little IT Security in place.

Webinar Times


Thursday 2nd of December
9:30 am to 10:30 am


Thursday 2nd of December
10:30 am to 11:30 am

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