CONF-DV-02: Windows 10 and later Microsoft Edge enable Automatic Sign in and Sync using Windows Credential


This profile will sign the user in to Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and later devices.

The configuration will enable Microsoft Edge’s sync of user favourites, passwords, and other browser data across all synced devices.


  • The Device must be enrolled into Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • The user must sign in to Windows with their Work or School account
  • Microsoft Edge version that supports the desired sync functions (Microsoft Edge on Chromium, version 77 or later)

Profile Settings

Browser sign-in settingsEnabled
Force synchronization of browser data and do not show the sync consent promptEnabled
Hide the First-run experience and splash screenEnabled
Prevent Desktop Shortcut creation upon install defaultDisabled
Disable synchronization of data using Microsoft sync servicesDisabled


Users, Groups and Devices

Includes– All Users

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