How to close your MSPMagic account

This guide will assist you if you’d like to close your MSPMagic account and remove access to your partner tenant.

Before you commence this process you should first offboard all tenants in your MSPMagic account.

Step 1

Login to MSPMagic and submit a ticket requesting the closure of your account

Step 2

Go to Azure Active Directory and remove the app registration and enterprise applications listed below

Remove ‘MSP Magic – Backend Application’ app registration

Remove ‘MSP Magic – Customer App’ Enterprise Application
Remove ‘MSP Magic – Partner Frontend Application’ Enterprise application

Once this is complete MSPMagic will no longer have access to your partner tenant through Graph API and PowerShell. You will no longer be able to login to the MSPMagic application and the daily compliance report will no longer be sent to you.

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